RFID Software: A New Approach

Convergent Software Limited develops and markets software and tools to support the encoding and decoding of data on RFID tags.

Our products are designed to simplify the compliance issues that face end users when adopting this technology in open system applications. One of the challenges of RFID technology is that while the absence of a need for a line of sight is good for operational performance, it means that the data is invisible. How can a user ensure that the data encoded on the tag is compliant with particular applications? Unlike bar code technology, there is often no visual representation of the data nor symbol to access.

Converging RFID and applications

Our modelling and simulation software is of benefit to user organisations, project managers and even RFID technology vendors to model different configurations of data and tag memory architecture. This provides users with the confidence that the encoding of data is designed into the RFID system. For users that are dependent on business partners to encode the data, our diagnostic software is a useful quality control tool. It either confirms that data has been properly encoded or identifies probable causes of encoding errors. Our embedded tools are intended to assist vendors achieve compliant encoding to particular application standards.

The software we develop is based on requirements set out by user organisations for applications based on ISO and EPCglobalTM standards. Specific products can be used to:

We have products to support two major RFID applications: IATA RP1740C baggage handling and ISO 28560-2 RFID for libraries.

We are currently progressing a number of other major projects, and we invite enquiries from end users and solution partners.