Baggage Handling Software


The Baggage Handling software comprises tools tailored specifically to the RP1740C standard, and which are designed to:

Product Options

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ISO 28560-2 products
Template Builder Data Builder Data Doctor/
RP1740C Planning and modelling software  
RP1740C Quality Control software  

Products Overview

The Planning and modelling software allows different configurations of data elements from the RP1740C standard to be trialled with simulated encoding. This includes selecting which optional data elements to include and in which sequence they should be encoded. The software also allows tag parameters (e.g. memory capacities) to be set. The simulated encoding enables planning and modelling without the need to purchase any tags or encoding devices.

The Quality Control software provides insight into the reasons for failed tag reads. In addition, it will indicate divergence from agreed subsets and sequences of data elements, breaches of data rules (e.g. permitted characters) and failures to conform to RP1740C.

Tool Key Features

The Baggage Handling software tools have the following key features: