Convergent Software works closely with RFID-related standards and develops data encoding and privacy compliance software to support and encourage the correct use of RFID.

RFID in Libraries

ISO 28560-2 offers libraries a completely different way to use RFID. It is the only International Standard for high frequency (13.56 MHz) RFID in libraries that achieves interoperability plus flexible encoding. Since publication in March 2011, the standard has been adopted in Australia, United Kingdom, United States, and elsewhere. Vinod Chachra, co-chair of the US-based NISO RFID Revision Working Group, said:

Standardization will allow the RFID tag to be used in the entire lifecycle of physical library materials, including the upstream processes of acquisition and distribution. Libraries can procure tags and equipment from different vendors, merge collections containing different manufacturers' tags, and, for the purposes of interlibrary loan, read the tags on items belonging to other libraries.

ISO 28560-2 offers a radical change for the library community. As such it offers libraries the potential of greater ownership of the development of their RFID systems over proprietary encoding systems. Convergent Software offers some innovative software products and services that fully support the standard.

The encoding scheme is highly flexible and allows the user - typically the library management - to select which optional data elements are relevant for the RFID tag. The data elements can also be re-organised into a sequence that is appropriate for the particular library. Each tag does not need to encode the same data elements, so for example sets of loan items can carry different information from single items.


Our software products meet the conformance requirements set out for ISO 28560-2 on the ISO website. Because our software is intended for various aspects of supporting ISO 28560-2, our conformance statement is presented in a way that clearly shows which of our software products incorporates which of our software tools. Our conformance statement aligns every one of the conformance requirements and clearly shows how each tool supports the requirement.


All of the text on this page relates to ISO 28560-2. It could also apply to ISO TS 28560-4, which is intended to support libraries who choose to use RFID operating at UHF frequencies (860 to 960 MHz). If you are interested in software to support ISO TS 28560-4, please contact us.

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