Convergent Software works closely with RFID-related standards and develops data encoding and privacy compliance software to support and encourage the correct use of RFID.

RFID Privacy & Security

Privacy & RFID

The very nature of RFID being a wireless technology does mean that the signals between the reader and tag (known as the air interface protocol) can be intercepted. Because most tags have no off switch, and there are few protocols, tags can be read by any compliant reader. This is excellent for open systems for organisations. It has also lead to concerns being raised about privacy and its impact on the ordinary citizen.

Aware of these concerns, the European Commission undertook various research and consultations and created a Standards mandate, which included the development of EN 16571.

What is EN 16571?

EN 16571 is a European standard that defines a privacy impact assessment specifically for RFID applications. It has been adopted in a common manner across 33 countries. It is part of a standardisation effort supported by the European Commission for greater adoption of RFID technology, but in a manner that makes adopters aware of privacy issues.

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Carrying out your RFID PIA

Depending on your level of knowledge of RFID and how it can impact personal privacy, we can help you carry out your RFID PIA with one of these three options:

  • For those organisations ready to undertake the RFID PIA, we have partnered with the well respected French National RFID Center (CNRFID) to provide compliant EN 16571 software
  • For organisations who want help with completion of their RFID PIA and advice on improving privacy, we provide a consulting service
  • For those with less knowledge, who just want to learn more, we offer a free subscription-based information service.

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