Convergent Software works closely with RFID-related standards and develops data encoding and privacy compliance software to support and encourage the correct use of RFID.

ISO​​ 28560-2

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee 46 Information and documentation is responsible for developing standards for the library community. ISO 28560-2 Information and documentation - Data model for use of radio frequency identifier (RFID) in libraries - Part 2: Encoding based on ISO/IEC 15962 was first published in April 2011. A second edition was published in August 2014, with only minor revisions. This standard now provides a means for libraries to make sound investment decisions to achieve an interoperable RFID system. The standard specifies a set of mandatory and optional data elements that may be encoded on an RFID tag in a highly flexible manner.

This is a significant and innovative development from existing proprietary and national standards that either encode a single piece of information or require fixed message structures. ISO 28560-2 builds on the RFID Data Protocol standards that are increasingly being used in a number of areas for different applications.

Convergent Software's RFID in Libraries software provides solutions to implementing ISO 28560-2.

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